Parenting classes are an accessible resource for all parents, and I love being able able to share helpful tools, knowledge, and experience on common parenting topics. I’ve developed these affordable online programs for parents anywhere to participate, and there’s something for parents of all ages!

Telling the Kids

For parents who are considering separation or divorce, this course helps you know when and how to tell your kids, and what to say. This on-demand class includes 14 videos, 2 worksheets, and 2 downloadable handouts.


The Coparenting Class

From the small things like phone calls and shoes that go missing, to large things like holidays, boundaries, and angry exes, there are about a million decisions, negotiations, and feelings to manage.

Parenting ADHD Class

Can’t they or won’t they?  Should you support or hold limits?  What is a parent’s role related to school?  This 6 session class offers information, guidance, and validation for anyone parenting a child or teenager with ADHD.

The Arc of the Tantrum Parenting Class

This class includes a deep dive into the Arc of the Tantrum, and a whole lot more. 6 sessions, each walking through a critical step in understanding–and then shaping–behavior. Escalation, defiance, tantrums, misbehavior, arguing, litigation, siblings… we’ll cover it all!

Understanding Teen Behavior

Understanding Behavior

From conflict to growth: this new class is designed to be foundational– for understanding, and influencing, teen behavior.  For parents of kids 10 & up, we’ll cover escalation, defiance, arguments, attitude, litigation, and school challenges.

Teens & Sex Parenting Class

This class provides information, guidance, and validation about adolescent sexuality and romantic partnership. 4 sessions, covering boundaries, values, healthy development, dating, privacy, gender, sexuality, and communication.

Parenting Teens Class

Parenting in the teen years is tough. If your teen isn’t performing up to expectations, if they aren’t as responsible as they should be, if they argue too much and cooperate too little, if you’re afraid that they aren’t on track to become an independent, successful adult… this class can help.

Teenage Moods & Mental Health

Living on an emotional roller coaster is hard!  Mood swings are normal in adolescence, but would you be able to tell if things weren’t normal?

This course includes a crash course in mental health and an insider’s guide to therapy.