Parenting help 24/7!  These affordable webinars are available for immediate access.  You can count on them to be full to the brim with helpful tools, knowledge, and experience on specific parenting topics.

Parenting Anxious Kids

Anxiety doesn’t always look like anxiety. Support with recognizing it, responding to it, and helping them grow.

The Arc of the Tantrum Webinar

The Arc of the Tantrum

Tantrums have stages, and understanding your child’s tantrums will TRANSFORM how you handle upset behavior.

The CoParenting Class (webinar version)

Three part class for divorced/divorcing parents.

From Punishment to Boundaries

What if punishment and consequences wasn’t the go-to method for shaping your teen’s behavior?

Telling the Kids

For parents who are considering separation or divorce, this course helps you know when and how to tell your kids, and what to say.

The Velvet Rope

Healthy Emotional Boundaries with Your Teen. Strengthen emotional boundaries, reduce conflict and improve closeness!

When Kids Lie

Honesty is an important value.  What should a parent know and do when your child tells you lies?

Sibling Conflict

Promoting family harmony! Top strategies and interventions parents can use to help their kids get along.

Beyond Birds & Bees

Normal childhood sexual development, how to recognize problems, and how to talk with your kids about sex.

Talking with kids about race webinar

Talking with Children About Race

Support for anti-racist parenting: concepts, phrases, books and research. With Jeffrey Swan, LPC.

Preparing for Preschool

Starting preschool is a BIG deal!  Get information and support on helping your preschooler handle the transition and the goodbyes.

UP and At Em webinar

Up & At ‘Em!

Parenting hacks that work! Tips for creating mornings with awake, moving, and peaceful kids!

Twelve Carrots

A story of a parenting fail, retold to support your healthy boundaries, and as a reminder you to control what you can.

Simplify the Season

Create a holiday season that matches your values.  This webinar can help you and your family have more fun, meaning, and connection!