Learn How to Communicate With Your Teen

They want independence but need to know you’re there. They need guidance, but they don’t want advice. They’ll chat with their friends, but not with you. Breaking the wall of silence with your teen can sometimes be difficult, but it’s possible to find connection and have really good talks when you know how. This supportive parenting book provides communication tools, advice, and relatable real-life stories that will help you get the conversation started and strengthen your relationship with your teen.

What sets How to Talk to Your Teen About Anything apart from other books on parenting teens:

  • Key communication skills—Learn essential communication techniques, including active listening and emotional regulation, and how to deal with communicating in the digital age.

  • Teen parenting 101—Explore what teens want from life and how you can find a balance between discipline, support, and letting go.

  • Recognize your patterns—Understand your patterns, and learn how to set healthy emotional boundaries that will help you prepare for things like sex education (aka “the talk”), and inspire your teen to open up about sensitive topics.

Open the lines of communication and bond with them every day using How to Talk to Your Teen About Anything.