How can I get my teen to cooperate!?

How can I get them to do chores/homework/anything?!

How can I get them to Stop Arguing!?

Parenting in the teen years is tough. Teens are supposed to be challenging, but sometimes it feels like too much.  If your teen isn’t performing up to expectations, if they aren’t as responsible as they should be, if communication is tense and ineffective, if they argue too much and cooperate too little, if you’re afraid that they aren’t on track to become an independent, successful adult… this class can help.

This 5 class series is based on the individual, private work I do with parents in my parent coaching practice. Each of the sessions walks parents through a critical step in understanding–and then improving–their teen’s behavior and the overall relationship.

Class #1

  • Adolescent development

  • The teenage brain

  • Authenticity

  • Working with the kid you have

Class #2

  • Active listening and non-verbal communication with teens

  • Listening beyond words

  • Litigation lessons

Class #3

  • Emotional regulation challenges

  • Understanding and shaping difficult interactions

  • Common mistakes and how not to make them

  • The roller coaster of co-escalation

Class #4

  • Boundaries

  • What parents CAN control

  • Control and letting go

  • A silly-but-serious technique for keeping perspective

Class #5

  • YOUR questions answered!

  • Parents can submit questions ahead of time, or live if there’s enough time.

  • Ways to help your future self stay grounded in this work. :^)

WHO: The class is for parents of teens ages around 11-17.

WHEN: Once a week on Tuesdays at 12:15 CST, starting March 1, 2022.  Class dates include: March 1, 8, 22, 29, and April 5.  Please note there is no class March 15.  Each class is an hour.

WHERE:  Classes are held online, on zoom, and are always recorded.  Some parents will attend live, and others will watch the recording later.


$29 per class Earlybird registration.  ($145 total)

$35 per class if registering after February 24th. ($175 total)

All purchases are final. Refunds are not available.

A note about participating live versus the recorded version…

People who attend live, and especially people who turn their camera on, get more out of the experience.  Here are four reasons:

  • You’ll feel a sense of community being with people who are going through the same things you are.
  • If you attend live, you can ask spontaneous questions.  Plus, when you ask questions, you help others, because there’s so much shared experience, and people don’t always know what to ask.
  • Silly to say, but–you’ll actually watch the class. Carving a set time out of your schedule gives the work even more significant in your mind.
  • Parents who attend live, and who turn on their video cameras, as the people I am talking to in the class.  Humans need connection and it feels better to be interacting.  :^)

That said, if you just can’t, I get it.  Life is full.  That’s why I record every class.  You can still get the content!

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Your class is really helping us with navigating the flavor of issues we were having over here. I’m flexing new muscles in learning how to keep myself regulated and doing what I’ve aspired to (respond not react) in my parenting journey. The insight into how my reactions were fueling our battles has been so valuable.  Thanks for so many great tools.
Kay, mom of 1
We use techniques from our sessions with you every day during Coronavirus times. Thank you for what you shared with us.
Jay, dad of 2