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Nothing is more important to parents than their relationship with their children – and nobody wants to spend their precious family moments together in conflict. As a parenting coach, I help parents effectively shape their kids’ behavior while strengthening their relationship. Every family goes through rough patches. I offer positive insights and practical tools for getting back to a smoother, happier path.

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Telling the Kids

You’ve decided to separate or divorce, and you need to tell the kids. But what do you say?! You KNOW this conversation is critical, and getting it right makes a HUGE difference to the kids. Whether you want the divorce or not, you do know that you’ll do WHATEVER you can, to make it better for THEM.

  • Be prepared with the information you need for the conversation

  • Feel confident that you can handle your child’s questions/Predict your child’s questions

  • Aligned with ‘best practice’ therapeutic theories for children and families

  • Go step by step in easy, manageable parts

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The Arc of the Tantrum

Toddlers, teenagers, top brass… they all throw “tantrums,” and this free infographic wascreated to help parents (and everyone) handle them! Now available in Spanish and Indonesian!

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4.5 Parenting Secrets
for your Child’s Life-Long Success

Ever wondered what it’s like to work with a parent coach? These 4 (and a half!) ideas are some that I find myself sharing most often with parents.

  • The relationship comes first

  • Behavior as communication

  • Punishment is overrated

  • Neurobiology 101 for parents

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