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Time Blindness

Time Blindness is a term coined by Russell Barkley (ADHD researcher and author.)  It refers to the difficulty that people with ADHD have with keeping a sense of time in their mind.  He also calls it 'nearsighted for the future.' People with ADHD tend to live "in the now" and as such, the present moment hijacks their attention, their [...]

Bandaids & the Default Body

Bandaids, and the systemic racism inherent in a single “skin color” option, is an example most are familiar with, right? But knowing it intellectually is very different from experiencing it firsthand. A couple weeks ago, my whole family got our Covid boosters, and each of us received a bandaid that was a very different shade from our skin color. [...]

Back to School

Whether you are thrilled or a little wistful, the end of summer vacation is upon us. Transitioning from summer’s more relaxed schedules and expectations isn't easy—for us or them.  I'm sending you good thoughts for peaceful adjustment, along with 3 simple tips to make back to school smoother this year. Know: It's stressful for them.  Especially for your introverts, [...]

Gender-Affirming Care and Parenting

Texas has been in the news lately for letters written by state officials declaring that what’s known as “Gender Affirming Care” is child abuse. It’s generally regarded as a political display, as the letters don’t change how the law actually defines child abuse, and major medical and mental health organizations have clarified that gender affirming care is not child [...]

Body Language and Parenting

Driving with my teenager this morning, I stopped at a stop sign and noticed a pair of women walking and talking nearby.   Looking at the body language of the closest woman, I chuckled a little and said, "Uh oh, that looks like a big deal conversation!  As we passed them, I noticed more body language, especially the other [...]

What is an Askable Parent?

An askable parent is what you want to be. No matter what your family values about sex are, chances are that you want your child to share them. For your child to know your values, and to get accurate information, they need to feel comfortable talking with you about sex. The askable parent creates that comfort, by building the [...]

Good for him!

As an MSSW first-year intern, I worked at a residential treatment facility for teenage male sex offenders. I didn't ask for that job, and it was really-really challenging, but I definitely learned an enormous amount there. This is one of my favorite stories from that time. I worked with a psychiatrist who was a super smart guy. He was [...]