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Gender-Affirming Care and Parenting

Texas has been in the news lately for letters written by state officials declaring that what’s known as “Gender Affirming Care” is child abuse. It’s generally regarded as a political display, as the letters don’t change how the law actually defines child abuse, and major medical and mental health organizations have clarified that gender affirming care is not child [...]

After a Lockdown: Tips for Teachers

A mom friend got caught in a lockdown at her child's school recently, and she posted about her frightening experience on Facebook. Another friend asked if anyone helped the kids re-regulate their nervous systems when it was over. Unfortunately, the answer was no--kids were just released to go on to the next thing, probably still scared and with adrenaline [...]

Talking with kids about the local wildfires

Yesterday, I spoke with Tara Trower of the Austin American Statesman for an article she was writing about talking with kids about the local wildfires.  I smiled a little when I read the article, because the other therapist she spoke with (Seanna Crosbie of ACGC) apparently said the same exact things I did.  Reassuring, actually :^). Read the article here.

Kids, Food Additives, and ADD/ADHD

The February 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics has an article in it that I found to be practically earth-shaking. The journal's editors and the article's author, Alison Schonwald, MD, FAAP, review a very recent British study that looked for possible links between hyperactivity and food preservatives and/or artificial colorings. And the short answer is-they [...]