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You say you want a revolution…

When people come to see me, it’s generally because they are seeking change.  Something isn’t quite the way they want it to be: they want to grow, or help their child grow.  That desired change?—it begins in the brain. Scientists used to think that brains stopped growing after a certain age, but thankfully we now know better.  Modern neuroscience [...]

Your parenting toolkit workshop this Tuesday

I'm finishing up the final touches on Tuesday's workshop "Your Parenting Toolkit." I am soooo excited about this one--it is packed to the gills with great information--from understanding our strengths and weaknesses in parenting, to how and when to play (as discipline!) to myths about parenting, to emotional intelligence. It's going to be great! There are still a couple of [...]

Cigarette candy, oh no!

From Mamas on Call, a parenting blog I like to read: RJ Reynolds has started test-marketing a nicotine product called "Orbs" that looks like & is packaged like Tic Tacs. Orbs, pellets made of finely ground tobacco with mint or cinnamon flavoring, are packed with nicotine and can poison children and lure young people to start using tobacco. The pellets dissolve [...]

Turning off Comments for a While…

I hate to do it, because I LOVE hearing from real people (!) but the sp*m comments have gotten pretty overwhelming lately, so I'm going to turn off comments for the next few months.  When I have a little more time to sort through this stuff (and hopefully improve the sp*m filtering!) I'll turn them back on.  My apologies to [...]

Happy New Year 2010

While I do believe in the power of setting intention and having positive goals (which is really all that setting resolutions is), I've found that doing them once a year in early January isn't for me. I'd like to share with you what we do in our house instead.

Happy Father’s Day!

Three links in honor of Father's Day.  (I couldn't find free stuff like I did for Mother's Day--sorry!!)1.  Was Father's Day invented by Hallmark?  ;^)  No, but you can find the real history here.2.  This article about a woman adopted by her (deceased) mother's ex-boyfriend is sweet and heart warming--and made me tear up a little.  3.  Barack Obama's essay [...]

Dollars spent on prevention vs ‘cleaning up the mess’

Click over to "Shrink rap" (a good psychiatry blog) for the longer version of this informative post.  An except:According to a report CASA issued this morning, federal, state and local governments spend almost half a trillion dollars every year -- almost 11 percent of their total budgets -- as a result of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse and addiction. [...]