From Mamas on Call, a parenting blog I like to read:

RJ Reynolds has started test-marketing a nicotine product called “Orbs” that looks like & is packaged like Tic Tacs.

Orbs, pellets made of finely ground tobacco with mint or cinnamon flavoring, are packed with nicotine and can poison children and lure young people to start using tobacco. The pellets dissolve in the mouth, like breath mints. “Nicotine is a highly addictive drug, and to make it look like a piece of candy is recklessly playing with the health of children,” the lead researcher,  Gregory N Connolly, a professor with the Harvard School of Public Health, said in an interview.”

The researchers also say that just 10 of those candies are enough to KILL an infant.

While this is a little off-topic from my usual, I found the product offensive enough to warrant a blog post.  Please follow this link to Mamas on Call for all the details.

Update: Another good blog post on this topic can be found here/”On Parenting.”  Apparently this one is going to make the rounds… as it should.