Sibling Conflict

Immature humans with still-developing interpersonal skills, shoved together into constant interaction while competing for limited resources. What could go wrong?

Bickering. Tears. Ongoing resentments and arguments. They all disrupt our sense of peace in the home.

Do you wish you could figure out how to reduce sibling conflict and promote family harmony? If so, this workshop can help.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Sources of sibling conflict
  • Mistakes parents make, such as getting sucked into the conflict
  • Pigeonholing children as aggressors or victims
  • Not recognizing the role of shame, hurt, and resentment in the conflict

And, most importantly: 

  • Top strategies and interventions parents can use to help their children get along.

BONUS: Includes Q & A about when older siblings are aggressive towards younger siblings, when kids ‘gang up’ on a sibling, and repair with a preschooler who has been aggressive with a baby sibling.

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COST: $25