Imagine that we can plot a tantrum on a graph…

This 1 hour webinar covers:

  • What calm, escalation, dysregulation, and de-escalation all look like
  • Understanding what’s going on in your child’s brain
  • The signals children give about “where” they are and what they need
  • Broadening your collection of behavior-shaping-tools
  • Recognizing tantrums in toddlers, teenagers, and adults
  • Selecting the right tool for the right moment
  • The ways that parents shoot themselves in the foot when their child is dysregulated
  • Why your calm, rational suggestions are met with crazypants
  • Helping parents feel confident and satisfied with their interventions

This basic concept, illustrated in this infographic forms the foundation for this workshop. Parents will learn about each of the stages of a tantrum, including examples of what they look like and how to be sure you are able to recognize what your child looks like in various stages. Then we’ll talk about the various tools that parents can use to effectively manage behavior in each stage. Using the right tool at the right moment makes ALL the difference!

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If I could only give parents of the world ONE piece of parenting advice, the info in this webinar is what I’d share. No joke, this is the thing! This is my favorite, most generally helpful, most appreciated, most transformational information. And, we have an hour together here! There’s plenty of time for really rich levels of detail that make a huge difference in applying general advice to your life–it is crammed full of the absolute most important and useful information that parents need for understanding and responding to behavior.

This information is useful for parents of toddlers, school-aged kids, or teenagers. (or like my friend said–it’s even useful for dealing with her boss’s tantrums!)

Maybe you yell, maybe you don’t. Maybe you lecture, or rationalize, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you cannot get past how rude and disrespectful your child is sometimes–does “I never could have gotten away with that when I was young” sound familiar? Maybe you watch your co-parent losing their cool because their attempts to talk your child down from an upset, pretty much never work. This webinar is for you.

Many parents have an intuitive understanding of this content (but still try to rationalize with an dysregulated child.) Many parents wish there was a way to explain their intuitive understanding to their spouse… this workshop is made for you. Knowing this information helps parents to re-adjust their own expectations AND behaviors, and when we make our own changes first, guess whose behaviors follow!

Will this work? I say yes, and here’s my definition of success:

  • 33.3% more appropriate expectations,
  • 33.3% we handle ourselves and the situation better, and
  • 33.3% our children grow, too.
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It’s an hour long. You need an internet connection to watch.  You can watch from home, on your laptop, or from a coffeeshop with your favorite beverage and treat. :^)

If you get started and something interrupts you, that’s not a problem either–you can stop and start back up later, or even start over and watch the whole thing from the beginning.

You can learn with your feet up, wearing your stretchy pants!

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