Calling someone a liar in the adult world is, as we would have described it in my youth: “Fightin’ words.”  We do not like liars, and it’s not a small thing–lying is a BIG transgression. Most parents feel fear about the idea that their child might ‘grow up to be a liar.’  It’s almost an instant signal of failure in parenting, or, at least, it feels that way.

The trick though, is that most kids lie at one time or another, and if we’re honest–adults do, too. Plus, our BIG reactions aren’t always helpful. A much more relational, and effective, approach is to treat lying like most other unwanted behaviors–like something that we have to help our child grow out of.

This webinar is about 45 minutes long, and covers these topics:

  • Understanding developmental norms for lying at different ages
  • Why kids lie
  • How parents inadvertently make lying worse
  • The complexity of truth-telling and lies
  • What you can do to help your child tell fewer lies immediately
  • How you can help them grow using longer-term techniques
  • I love this new (for me) way to look at lying as not binary and to focus on truth telling. Thank you for this terrific perspective.
  • This was wonderful. Thank you!
  • Thank you, I found this really helpful!
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