Calling all Austin families!

Would you like to improve your children’s behavior? Stop arguing with your spouse about discipline?  Improve your parent/child relationship? Help get your kids to go to bed on time and eat their veggies? Katie and Kate can help!

Kate Raidt, author of The Million-Dollar Parent, and Katie Malinski, licensed clinical social worker and parenting coach, are looking for an Austin family to cast for an upcoming reality show and parent coaching course.

As part of creating course content for their online parent coaching course called the “Five Factor Advantage,” Southwestern Parents is going to film at least 1 episode of a reality show here in Austin.  With a camera crew in tow, myself and Kate will come to your house, observe and film parent and child, and then give parents real-time coaching and support in being more peaceful, connected, and effective in managing their kid’s behaviors.  This reality show is different from what you might normally think of, because our goal is truly to help the family we work with, and to use the resulting video to educate and help other families, too.  (This video is not for entertainment!)  More info below.

Get professional, customized parent coaching for your family, and feel good about helping other families, too.

The family we are looking for will have most/all of these characteristics:

  • 2-3 kids ages 1-10
  • Loving
  • Having a hard time with discipline
  • You feel like your kids don’t “listen”
  • Parents are motivated to learn about more effective ways of responding to misbehavior
  • You and your spouse don’t agree on responding to misbehavior
  • Parents who want to do things a little (or a lot!) differently from the way they themselves were raised.
  • Parents who are interested in understanding misbehavior in children
  • Parents who are want feedback on what THEY can do differently to improve overall family harmony and to foster a better parent-child relationship.
  • Live in the Austin area
  • Available in early March 2012 for filming at your home

Interested?  We’d LOVE to hear from you.
Please visit this webpage to apply:

Or email us at with any questions.