The Tipping Point

How much involvement and supervision should parents have with their kids’ school work?   My typical short answer to this very, very popular question is generally: “not too much.” My longer, more involved answer is that I like to think of [...]

The Flexibility Mascot

When your kids were younger, you provided the structure.  This meant that you could usually create schedules and expectations that worked pretty well for you! But when your kid becomes a teenager, and has a much more independent life [...]

Time Blindness

Time Blindness is a term coined by Russell Barkley (ADHD researcher and author.)  It refers to the difficulty that people with ADHD have with keeping a sense of time in their mind.  He also calls it 'nearsighted for the [...]

Back to School

Whether you are thrilled or a little wistful, the end of summer vacation is upon us. Transitioning from summer’s more relaxed schedules and expectations isn't easy—for us or them.  I'm sending you good thoughts for peaceful adjustment, along with [...]