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Behavior is Communication–Video

The Arc of the Tantrum video has been hugely popular, so I've made another one.  This one is on a topic I speak about in various ways all the time: Behavior is Communication.  Click below for 2 minutes and 38 seconds' worth of coaching on understanding your child's misbehavior.  (and see directly below for a rudimentary transcript.) Behavior is Communication, notes from [...]

The love… and vulnerability of a parent

I occasionally attend trainings put on by a local professional organization for therapists and social workers who specialize in infant mental health.  Their meetings occur on days when I'm home with my infant daughter, and since they are a very baby-friendly group, I bring her along.  One of the leaders of the group sent me a email the other day, and made a bit [...]

Free Parenting Resources–part two–online help

I often receive phone calls and emails from parents who want my services, but for a variety of reasons, can't come in.  A mom wrote recently asking if I knew of a way she could receive parent coaching for free.  Unfortunately, my favorite parenting resource in Austin (Family Connections) has recently shut down, so I didn't really have a referral for [...]