Arc of the Tantrum Parenting Class

How can I get my kid to cooperate, stop arguing, and calm down!? There’s a TON of science about how brains work that can help you feel confident and effective in dealing with difficult behavior, and this class will help you apply it to your most difficult parenting moments. For parents of children age 2-11, this class helps [...]

Co-parenting Class

The Co-parenting Class From the small things like phone calls and shoes that go missing, to large things like holidays, boundaries, and angry exes, there are about a million decisions, negotiations, and feelings to manage. WHAT: Three classes with Katie.  Each session is ~75% presentation, and 25% Q & A. WHO: Parents who are co-parenting (can be post-divorce [...]

From Punishment to Boundaries

Do you ever find yourself wondering what consequence you should be giving your teen for the latest infraction? What if 'giving consequences' wasn't your go-to method for shaping your teen's behavior?  Rudeness, defiance, poor performance... there are lots of different types of teen misbehavior!  The most effective parenting uses different responses for different types of misbehavior.... and control and [...]

How to Talk to your Teen about Sex

Teens & Sex Parenting Class Your 14 year old has a boyfriend. Now what? Modern sex, gender and relationships are like "New Math!" How to handle dating, privacy, boundaries, and heartbreak? Join me for a 4-class series providing information, guidance, and validation for anyone parenting adolescents as they discover, question, explore, and learn things the hard way about sexuality [...]

Keeping Kids Safe – Webinar

What parents need to know & do to keep kids safe. Inspired by the book "Protecting the Gift" by Gavin de Becker, this presentation provides information about intuition, protection, supervision, and what parents need to know to keep their children safer, particularly from predators.  We'll cover: Trusting your intuition Myths and Facts about your child's safety risks What parents [...]

Pandemic Parenting – Webinar

When the world turned upside down in March 2020, parenting got even harder.  Each family's experience of this pandemic is unique, but there are some common trends that seem to be challenging for many of us: the absence of (or difficulty getting) a break!  Deciding how to balance physical safety and the psychological impact of social isolation.  The ups [...]