Short and simple–the best gifts are often experiences, rather than things.

Most of the kids I know & work with don’t need any more THINGS.  They have too many already.  But what they do need, and want, are more connected, loving, fun, adventurous, memorable experiences–especially experiences with their parents.

Next time you have a gift-giving opportunity, consider giving an experience.  You can pre-pay, put the gift card, description, or photo of the experience in a box and wrap it up, just like a toy.  But when your sweet child opens it up, they get the promise of horseback riding, or a trip to the ice cream shop, or a special Mommy & Me spa day, or the guitar lessons they’ve been asking for instead of one more item to own & store.  Those are truly gifts that last.

PS.  Have you read this book?  It’s a hilarious kids’ book that makes fun of having too many toys.
PPS.  Check that book out from the library instead of buying it!  Otherwise this post ends up sending mixed messages.  ;^)

One more note:  What experiences have you given your kids before?  Leave a comment and share some of your great experience-gift-ideas.  Here’s a few more to get us started:

  • music lessons
  • pottery-painting together
  • ride in horse-drawn carriage in downtown Austin
  • dinner out at fancy (very “grownup”) restaurant
  • pedicures together
  • laser tag with a couple of friends
  • daytrip to a cool mountain biking park
  • daytrip to the dinosaur park