Since I am not a medical doctor, I am not permitted to write prescriptions for medicine.  However, I have never let this stop me from writing prescriptions for other things.  ;^)

There are, after all, lots of non-medicines in the world that have great medicinal value. For example: pedicures, a night out with friends, a nap, a hug, a walk outdoors.

My most common non-medicine prescription is paper plates. I know so many parents who burn the candle at more than two ends… getting things done, supporting their family, caring for children, and more. But sometimes even the most organized, successful, do-it-all mama or daddy gets overwhelmed.  (the rest of us, do, too!)

When clients tell me that they feel that they are drowning in responsibilities, tasks, and obligations, I often whip out my prescription pad and send them home to eat off of paper plates.   It is as much of a metaphor as it is a real suggestion, because paper plates may or may not be something that makes your life easier. But metaphorically, I am encouraging parents to realize that a little bit of convenience in one area of their world might provide peacefulness, rest, free time, and/or positive energy in another area of the their world.

I like to say: “The earth will not be ruined with the addition of one week’s worth of paper plates, nor is the cost of a  $1.50 package of plates going to break your budget.”  AND, giving yourself just a 10% shortcut in life might be the very thing that helps you be happier inside and out, more peaceful, more engaged as a parent… and THAT will be the best $1.50 prescription you’ve ever filled.

So where could you take a shortcut this week?