“When I Feel Sad,” by Cornelia Maude Spelman, is a great book that I frequently recommend to parents.  It’s a book for children, ages 2-9 or so…  There are only a few words on each page, and the book starts with descriptions of times that kids feel sad:

“Sometimes I feel sad.  I feel sad when someone won’t let me play.”

After several pages of examples of age-appropriate sad situations for kids, the main character (a guinea pig) describes what sad feels like.  It’s a wonderful explanation for a child:

“Sad is a cloudy, tired feeling.  Nothing seems fun when I feel sad.”

Then main character talks to a loved one, which starts her on the road to feeling better.

“When I feel sad, there are ways to feel better.  I can tell someone I’m sad.”

She plays with friends, feels even better, and the book closes with:

“The sad feeling goes away and I feel good again.  When I’m sad, I know I won’t stay sad!”

While the plot isn’t quite as entertaining as “Knuffle Bunny” or “Where the Wild Things Are,” it’s still an excellent book to have on any child’s shelf.  Teaching our children about emotions is a very important gift we can give them, and this book is a useful aid.  Click below to buy it on Amazon.