Welcome to “Back to School”–whether today is your first day back from the summer or just the long weekend. 

This is usually a busy time of year in my business, as the added stresses of school sometimes push kids past the “middle/green zone” and into the “red zone” of problems (whether that ends up being anxiety, behavior problems, etc.) 

But, I am reminded that even when kids & families are still within their ‘green zone,’ back-to-school is still a stressor.  Everywhere I look, I see more tears, more tantrums, more exasperated parents, more frustrated voices than usual. 

So, for today, this week, next week:  I encourage parents to really focus on:

  • getting enough sleep & healthy nutrition for YOU
  • okay, the kids, too  ;^)
  • carve out time to reconnect in a playful, loving way every day after school/work.  Go swimming if your pool is still open, go for a bike ride together, play with the dog in the backyard, wrestle on the floor together, or read a book together while cuddling. 

Have fun, pay attention to each other,  burn off a little energy, have fun, and reconnect.  And have fun.  :^)