132 hours until school is back in session, but who’s counting, right?  ;^)

I hope you’ve had a great summer, and with the start of the new school year right around the corner, I’d like to share a few tips and a link to even more.

1.  Remember that the transition to full-time school is a big one for kids!  Even if they’ve been in full-time care all summer, the school setting is still different and usually more tiring.  Try to reduce outside obligations for a few weeks, and at least aim for a slightly earlier bedtime.

2.  Take extra good care of yourself, too.  If the kids are tired and cranky, you’ll be able to deal with them better if you aren’t already tired and cranky yourself.  ;^)

3.  Can you get your child some pre-first-day experience with the teacher and building/classroom?  Especially for the incoming Kindergarteners, it’s really important for them to know where the bathroom is, where you will pick them up, etc.  Playdates with future classmates are fantastic, too, if you can arrange them.

4.  Throw in an extra cold pack into your kid’s lunchbox.  Did y’all read this article yet?

5. Here  is another really good, informative article about back-to-school.

6.  Call me.  If you feel like your child is having an extra hard time with either the transition, or fitting in in the classroom, perhaps I can help. 

Look out Monday!  :^)