I had the pleasure this week of being interviewed by Elizabeth Dannheim of KEYE news. She was filming a story inspired by two women with an unlikely friendship. Unlikely, because one of them is the “mom” and the other is the “stepmom.” Elizabeth interviewed me at my office, and asked me questions about parenting, step-parenting, divorce, what it’s like for the kids, and how I help families in similar situations. It was very fun, but also a bit of a surreal experience. When they had me do “action shots” (ie, typing, walking down the hall and closing my office door,) it was all I could do not to laugh-I kept thinking: “This is just like on TV!” ;^)

The story aired on Monday at 5pm, and is available on the KEYE website for a little longer. Click here if you’d like to watch it-it’s short, just 2 minutes.