Do your teen’s emotions take over the house (and even the inside of your head!)?  Do you feel frustrated (or worse!) by your teen’s feelings and thoughts? Do your teen’s fears, upsets, and problems feel like they become yours sometimes?

This workshop is called “The Velvet Rope” because that fuzzy red swag is a great metaphor for the kind of emotional boundary that we generally want to aim for in the parent-teen relationship.  Not a brick wall, but not nothing, either!  Improving emotional boundaries is a bit of work, but this workshop can help and you’ll be SO glad you attended, because the payoff for improved emotional boundaries is huge:

Separate people, Separate emotions.

  • Healthy emotional boundaries can help you feel less resentful, less powerless, and more clear-headed.
  • Healthy emotional boundaries bring less frustration, fear, and anger.
  • Healthy emotional boundaries bring closer, happier relationships and more peaceful homes.

Here’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this workshop:

  • Emotional Boundaries 101
  • Boundaries in your family then and now
  • Recognizing patterns and prioritizing your regulation
  • Age-appropriate suffering
  • The family legacy of control
  • Don’t bring in the lawyers and other practical tips

WHEN: Friday, February 18, 2022.  12:30 pm CST

WHERE: Held live on Zoom, AND it will be recorded, so you can watch later if you prefer.

HOW: You MUST pre-register.  Log in info will be visible after purchase (make sure to write it down!)

COST: This workshop is FREE until Feb 17th.