When the world turned upside down in March 2020, parenting got even harder.  Each family’s experience of this pandemic is unique, but there are some common trends that seem to be challenging for many of us: the absence of (or difficulty getting) a break!  Deciding how to balance physical safety and the psychological impact of social isolation.  The ups and down of thinking things are getting better.  And now that school’s about to be back in session again, parents are struggling with how to manage risk and best to support their kids.  Many of us are experiencing life without margins–work and home and parenting and responsibilities all occupy the same time and space All The Time.  It’s exhausting.  This webinar offers a reflection of these generally universal challenges, and provide support and guidance for you as the person likely shouldering much of the “emotional labor” for your family. 

****Please accept our apologies.  This webinar is temporarily unavailable as we re-tool it (again.)  Wish we didn’t have to.  However, while we re-work this one, you are welcome to watch a recording of Pandemic Parenting as presented in 2020 to a local private school.