Do your kids have benchmark tests coming up?
Are kids, teachers, and parents starting to feel the stress and anxiety?

Beyond getting a good nights’ sleep and a healthy breakfast, what does a parent need to know and do to help their children deal with Text Anxiety?  And how does a parent recognize the difference between a little test-stress, and more serious anxiety.  This workshop is a natural fit for PTA groups around the time that schools administer year end/benchmark tests, and covers:

  • What does anxiety look & feel like?
  • How to recognize anxiety
  • Helping kids manage stress and worry–ideas and concrete tips
  • The Mind-Body connection
  • Prevention
  • After The Test

Nuts & Bolts info:

  • 50 minute Presentation, plus 10+ minutes Q & A.
  • includes handout with top concepts

Please call or email Katie to schedule if you have any questions.