For mothers and their daughters ages 10-14

Join Katie Malinski, LCSW and Michelle Rodriguez, owner of Well Styled, for a fantastic mother-daughter afternoon of shopping, talking, laughing, and looking at how our insides affect the beauty of our outsides.

After a little pizza, talking, and getting to know each other, the girls will go off with Michelle and her assistant to learn, talk, and SHOP! They will:

  • Find an outfit at a reasonable price that is flattering, fun, and stylish.
  • Have a great time shopping with a professional stylist.
  • Learn about which shapes, colors, and styles are the best match for them!

The Moms will stay behind with Katie for a while, talking and having our own fun! Moms will:

  • Feel calm and supported knowing that Michelle will help their daughter choose age-appropriate clothes.
  • Talk about the challenges of parenting a pre-teen girl.
  • Gain insight into why clothing choices can be such a battle, and
  • Discuss effective communication with their daughter!

Everyone will reconnect for the last 30 minutes to show off and share. By the way, buying the outfit is completely optional. According to us, anyway. Your daughter will likely have a different opinion. ;^)

Feel free to email or call me (940-4477) with any questions. For more information about Michelle or Well Styled, please visit her website or blog.

When: not currently scheduled

Cost: $50 per pair (1 parent & 1 daughter, ages 10-14).