Wouldn’t it be great if the holidays could be relaxing and fun?

Clarifying and refocusing on your values and priorities can make Christmas more memorable, rejuvenating, and rewarding. This doesn’t have to be the season of stress and spending!

This workshop will cover:

  • Clarifying what doesn’t feel right to you about the way the holidays are now
  • Identifying your true values and priorities for Christmas
  • Taking a comprehensive look at what it is that you “do” for the holidays
  • The elements of Christmas that can be problematic: gift-giving, family issues, obligations, expectations, traveling, conflict, communication and problem behaviors
  • Identifying what distracts you from your values and priorities, and trouble-shooting what gets in the way of your goals.

This is a fun, relaxed workshop filled with great information. The workshop includes presentation and discussion, and there is plenty of time built in for Q & A. Katie is a therapist and parenting coach with 20+ years of experience, so bring your questions!

If you’re looking for the recommended book, please click here.