katie malinski parenting book group austin

 What parents need to know and do to keep their kids safe.

This book by Gavin de Becker is a practical and motivational starting place for this parenting book group for talking about children, safety, and finding balance in our supervision and protection.

Topics covered will include:

  • Trusting your intuition
  • Myths and Facts about your child’s safety risks (what you do and do not need to worry about!)
  • Sexual abuse–the facts, the risks, the signs, and protection
  • What you can DO, give, & teach to your child to help them be safer

In book group meetings, there will be time to discuss the book, and your thoughts and actions related to the material. We’ll also talk about the feelings that come up, what to do with them, and how the process will make your whole family safer–and you more confident and secure. You can buy the book here, or check it out at the Austin Public Library (they have several copies.)

Feel free to call or email Katie if you have any questions.