Don’t let the book title scare you–this is for parents of ANY child

“Parenting the Defiant Child,” by Alan Kazdin
This is an easy-to-read, and easy to relate to, parenting book. The author, a parent and psychologist, bases his book and his proven methods on decades of behavior research. The book, and our discussion, will cover:

  • Myths about parenting, discipline, and shaping behavior
  • Evidence-based strategies for encouraging the behaviors you DO want
  • Praise, and how to do it best
  • Punishment, and why you don’t need to use much, if any
  • Honest, supportive conversations about YOUR toughest behavior challenges

Who: Parents of any age child.

When:  Not currently scheduled. Please email to schedule if you are interested!

Cost: $45 for the 3-session series, if you pre-register, $55 after.

Parents speak about this workshop:

  • “It totally changed my relationship with my kids”
  • “This book has changed the way I parent”
  • “It was great!”
  • “Very supportive and open”