This workshop covers 4 major parenting strategies for building connection and managing behavior.  Each one has a different perspective, style, theory, and place, but by deepening your understanding of all of them, you’ll be ready with the Right Tool when you need it.

Topics covered include:

  • Four 4 Dimensions of Parenting & Attachment Theory. What are your strengths as a parent?  What are your areas for growth?  We’ve all got them, might as well figure ‘em out—it helps tremendously.
  • Understanding the Goals of Misbehavior & Emotional Intelligence. Kids misbehave for a reason, and understanding possible reasons can help a parent respond more lovingly, manage their own strong feelings, and help redirect behavior effectively.  Also, how teaching emotional intelligence & regulation helps with preventing and managing unwanted behaviors.
  • Playful Parenting. Children live in the world of play.  Sometimes, they need us to join them there! A playful response, silliness, and defusing tense emotional situations can work wonders.  We’ll draw from two sources, including Theraplay®.
  • Behavior Modification. Old as the hills, proven to work, it’s all about the details.  Focusing on positives, ignoring negatives, consistent & effective praise and rewards.

When: This workshop is not currently scheduled.