Especially for parents of teens, grades 6-12

Learn strategies for getting to calm and how to maintain a warm connection to your adolescent even when things get bumpy.  Join other middle and high school parents for a fun/supportive/interactive presentation.


Focus: Having a great, connected relationship with your adolescent!

Description: Breathtaking … infuriating … exasperating and magnificent: The teenage years can make parents doubt themselves like nothing else. Never have there been more social pressures at play during the sometimes tumultuous years between ages 10 and 18. But new brain research is shedding light on the causes behind the chaos, giving parents insight into a better way to relate to their teen.

Getting to Calm is a practical, realistic and ultimately reassuring guide to navigating one of the most challenging aspects of parenting today: staying calm and clear-headed during some of the most common hot-button situations that arise during the teen years, such as:

  • When your teen is rude and sarcastic
  • When your smart teen does something really dumb
  • When teen problems drive a wedge between you and your spouse
  • When your teen is acting like a spoiled brat
  • When you’re worried you’re losing your teen
  • When teens are mean

With humor, wisdom and a deep understanding of the teenaged brain, Drs. Kastner and Wyatt provide clear and useful tools for parents, giving them effective new ways to manage their own emotions in the heat of the moment  with their teen while maintaining — and even gaining — closeness.

The book is great.  I highly recommend it.   You can find it on Amazon here.