This is an interactive workshop is for mothers and their sons, ages 10-12.  It’s 2 hours long, and is designed to be informative, connecting, and fun.

Moms and sons will work together to:

  • play a game that will test and challenge your communication
  • talk about what makes for good (or bad!) communication
  • learn a little bit about puberty in boys
  • talk a little about what puberty is like
  • role model that talking about puberty is something that boys CAN do with their mothers!
  • have fun, I promise.  :^)

If you have fears or concerns about your ability to tackle topics like facial hair, voice changes, body odor, hygiene, or… nocturnal emissions (!) consider this workshop your helper.  In a small group with other moms and son, everyone will get comfortable and talk about good communication and what can get in the way.  That’s followed by a brief lesson and games on the changes a boy’s body goes through during puberty.   You and your child will appreciate the information, especially the matter-of-fact way that it is presented.  You will leave with a positive experience–a touchstone–that you can refer back to in your future discussions.  Your son will have a little more information about puberty, and real-life proof that he can talk about these things with his mom.

A sample of feedback from moms:

  • Your fun and relaxed attitude about it all was great.
  • Really enjoyed this.  My son was dreading it, but I can tell he really liked it. :^)
  • Making us move around was great.
  • Workshop exceeded my expectations.
  • The interactiveness & casual approach to this factual information really made it comfortable to discuss this & have the boys participate.
  • The Q & A in the small group really helped to normalize the conversation.
  • I was a 7 (comfort level) before coming, I’m definitely a 10 now.
  • It was helpful to learn that I already know what I need to know about the biology of what happens.
  • It was really helpful how you made it seem “normal” to discuss puberty and body subjects out loud.
  • I think that the communication portion is obviously so important.  So glad it was a focus & that we got to practice.
  • I think it was really helpful & comfortable.
  • It was all good.

A sample of feedback from sons:

  • I thought it was going to be boring but it was awesome!
  • I thought this was fun.
  • You should do this workshop with your mom.
  • I think this was a good learning experience for everyone.
  • I liked the interviews.
  • There was nothing I didn’t like.
  • It was great and I recommend it.

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